Red Dot Leisure

2017: What’s New And Happening…

Its been all hectic on the iCombat front this year, over the last few months we have scouted several new venues and are pleased to be bringing on board a venue in Leeds later on in the year.

We have also posted a range of dates for Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster so we will be back in the tunnel system every month starting April 8th.

With new tech and new ICE software we will be pushing our medic games more in 2017, making sure our players really work hard to get the objectives completed while looking after you team.. Lets face it anyone can be a lone wolf but to play as a proper team has its advantages and minimizing your downtime respawning can make a huge difference.

We are looking for MILSIM groups to really get stuck into the game play, longer mission times, less ammo and limited medic capabilities..

So if you belong to an Airsoft or Paintball team or even a gaming clan on Battlefield or Call Of Duty then get in touch and lets see if you can see if you are actually up to scratch with 30 rounds..

Remember this is not paintball or airsoft, limited spaces available and mission ammo provided as well as sweat..