What is Hero Blast Acadamy?

Hero Blast Acadamy

If you are a big fan of Marvel, DC and everything super in-between, imagine an arena, where you could bring your superpowers to life?

Strap in and get ready to show off your suppressed superhero skills at the Hero Blast Academy!

Based in Birmingham, UK, the Hero Blast Acadamy combines the best and most realistic iCombat Laser Tag equipment with an X-Men/Superhero experience, which provides gamers with an the most epic superhuman laser tag game ever experienced.

Hero Blast

What Awaits You At Hero Blast

For gamers looking to embark on their first-ever Hero Blast experience, brace yourself while we leap forward in time.

Set in the futuristic year of 2165, you spawn into a world so different from the one you left behind. Prepare to leave behind what you thought you knew, as you transform from students into trained Superheros.

You may have been preparing your whole life to master your epic Hero Blast powers, but this hasn’t come without conflict.

The Super Villians have been watching you from afar, and they are always waiting for students to stray from their honourable path and join their fight to destroy the Hero Blast Acadamy.

But the question is, will you defeat the Super Villain or will you fall victim to his dark forces?

Hero Blast


Epic iCombat Equipment

This fun-filled superhero experience is also fueled by some pretty super iCombat equipment.

Designed with younger audiences in mind, the Hero Blast equipment operates from a non-gun based system. The multi-functional Hero Blaster fits to the player’s wrist like a glove, allowing gamers to power-on and commence play quickly. From the epic Blaster to capes, re-spawn pods and much more, the Hero Blast equipment provides players with nothing but super immersive gameplay from the outset.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the full equipment list here.

Want To Host Your Own?

Hero Blast really is business in a box.

If you’re looking to bring something from another dimension to your arena, why not host your very own Hero Blast game!

Get in touch with one of our team members today to find out more.