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Weapon Licensing 

Supreme Realism

The iCombat laser system is completely safe and allows realistic strategy and tactics played out in any environment. No wonder, iCombat is the preferred training solution for US-based law enforcement and military-based agencies. Based on military test gear, so accurate is the weight distribution, kick back and accuracy, you will believe you are operating the real thing.

Additional accessories further enhance the iCombat experience. For the ultimate adrenaline-filled experience, electrical shocks can be administered via the iCombat Shock Belt. 

Hardware And Software

The iCombat system was developed from the ground up to recreate actual training conditions associated with special operation units, the military and armed police forces the world over. At the very core of this experience is the iCombat Engine and Control Command Module server to run games.

The iCombat Engine enables real-time player tracking and live internet rankings – exclusive to iCombat, allowing up to 100 players to wirelessly connect for complete game control with unlimited game options. The system manages everything from your gameplay to business operations: manage finances, operations, marketing, player accounts and payments. 

irM4 Firearm

A scaled replica of the internationally revered M16/AR15/M4 firearm. Visually and physically lifelike to the real weapon, combat teams refuse to train with anything else.


A perfectly crafted replica of a popular weapon used by over 65% of US law enforcement agencies. Weight, function and action are identical to a 9mm pistol. Combine with irM4 Firearm for the ultimate combat experience.


MOLLE styled vest, like that worn by combat operations and designed to store additional iCombat attachments; strategically placed sensors record hits and provide spine-tingling feedback both visually and audibly.

Smart Mag

CO2 powered cartridges recreate live noise and recoil for ear-popping realism. At the core lies the gun’s operating system, connected directly to the iCombat Engine transmitting real time data for ammunition, heart rate and counts for hits and misses.


Designed to expand upon the irVest’s array of high definition sensors for extra sensory coverage.

StressX & Heart Monitor

Designed to boost stress-based gaming to another level. Players receive controlled feedback via electric shock or aggressive vibration. iCombat’s integrated monitor measures beats per minute to ensure player safety.

Respawn Pods

Allows players to quickly return to the game, almost eliminating interruption to gameplay. Pods are easily identified by team colours, clearly illuminated by LED and allow multiple players to respawn together up to 10 feet apart. 

Bespoke Requirements

We understand requirements can vary between businesses – that’s why we offer a full bespoke solution of available services, weapons and software.

If you feel your requirements aren’t matched with current franchise packages available, please contact us on 07870 771020 or submit your enquiry online. 

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