Introducing The New irShotgun


We have an exciting new arrival in our armoury, and we are pleased to announce that it’s ready for action in your arenas.

This Autumn, upgrade your arsenal and give your squad the most realistic gameplay ever experienced with the new irShotgun from iCombat. Designed for players who like to get knee-deep in action, the irShotgun is not for the faint-hearted. Offering exceptional levels of realism the irShotgun delivers high-damage in a large spread at a short-range, and limited damage at long range. But the realism doesn’t end there. From first impressions to lining up your target, the irShotgun gives the player a real feel from the get-go. Full-sized and designed to resemble the real thing, the irShotgun is no plastic toy. For confident players who like to take the loud and proud approach, the irShotgun from iComat is certainly the best weapon for the job.

irShotgun Features


Boasting all of the lastest and most advanced technology in lager tag equipment the irShotgun is sure to be a popular choice with the players. Here are just some of the great features you can expect from iCombats new arrival:

  • Optic ready fly rail
  • Real rack action
  • Simulated shell tube reloading
  • Shell accountability
  • Accurate shotgun damage

The new irShotgun is also universal, meaning that is completely compatible with all of our existing laser tag products and software.

Upgrade Your Arsenal

Looking to prestige your armoury with this epic new arrival?

Contact us about the new irShotgun today: