iCombat Glasgow Now Open

iCombat Glasgow

iCombat Glasgow is now officially open and accepting weekday bookings for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings (7 and 8:30pm).

A purpose built venue covering 16,000 square feet of scenario-based game play, guaranteed to satisfy even the most adrenaline addicted players.

For the uninitiated, iCombat is a live, adrenaline soaked action game for hardcore gamers, transporting players into highly realistic real world environments, similar to Call of Duty and Battlefield. Fire power comes in the form of the most realistic laser tag equipment ever developed. See a full weapons inventory for iCombat Glasgow here.

Book online at iCombat Glasgow or check in with Facebook for up to date news, special events and exclusive promotions.

A selection of reviews just in…

“Absolutely awesome – First game last night was well run and great fun. Surprised by the quality of the equipment and the co2 in the rifle is a nice kick to add to the experience. Site layout is terrific and allows for fast flowing and intense games.”

S. O’Brien, *****

“An excellent evening with great and friendly staff. You can do this mid week or at the weekend and it’s very well priced for equipment (recoiling co2 laser rifles ) you get plus the experience itself. No matter if you’re into paintball, airsoft, laser quest or none of the above, you will enjoy this.”

S. Rathbone *****

Had my first game of this last Sunday. Was surprised with the quality of the equipment, rifle is a solid bit of kit and the co2 gives a nice wee bit of recoil. Good to have the option of the three round burst as well as semi-auto. Well laid out site, nice and clean with plenty of room to move in and out of cover. And finally no pain….no nasty welts from paintballs or beebs!!!

G. Allan *****

iCombat Glasgow

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