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The Invictus is state of the art laser tag hardware aimed primarily at youngsters and teens, however adults shouldn’t be dis¬missed!

In practice, Invictus can be easily adapted to every leisure-based environment including campgrounds, party rentals, skate rinks, entertainment centres, bowling alleys, inflatable mobile arenas, paintball parks, arcades and theme parks.

The Invictus brings you more functionality and greater options for gaming, a brand new 2 point trigger which enables a red dot to ensure your shot hits its target.

Also integrated into the system are shield functionality and torches to enable your customers to see in dark arenas and woodlands.

All software is pre-installed with standard games, however should you wish to appeal to more advanced players, or simply reward loyal customers with exclusive ‘one off’ events, Invictus offers full customisation within minutes.

Full training, support and updates are offered at no additional cost.

Invictus has 3 different laser settings, Easy, Medium and Hard.

3 different character modes, Medic, Commando and Titan with another coming soon.

Mulitcolour LED means the LED’s denote the team colour.

2 pull trigger system. Initial pull will emit a red dot laser.

Full Touchscreen.

You can toggle the shield and torch functionality on/off through the ICE software.

5 port charging system and replaceable batteries meaning your system will never leave the field.

Optional sling with RJ45 connector and Sling loop attachment meaning the system is perfect for all ages. The sling also carries multi-colour LED Sensors.

Surround sound piezo speaker system.

Fully integrates with both the Hero Blast and all other iCombat products. 

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