a revolutionary NEW TRADITIONAL laser tag system


With the addition of the Invictus to it’s considerable range, iCombat now provides another terrific tool for the laser tag market.

Built for indoor arenas, Invictus has features including  flashlight functions, multi-colored and individually controlled LEDs, chest sensors, haptic feedback, and a full-colour screen used to provide the player with instant information.

Chest sensors are now integrated into a lightweight and easy to wear bandoleer, which is wired to the phaser or you can connect a vest wirelessly.

Invictus can also be used outdoors and in stand-alone function without additional sensors or software.

Expand With Accessories

Increase customer value or add value to your franchise with exclusive Invictus accessories including:

• Headband with 4 sensors and matching colours

• Respawn Pod for stand-alone or Invictus-based games

• Dominator for added game variety

• Quick connect charging station for up to 4 units

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Are you interested in adding Invictus to your entertainment business or perhaps looking to start a new venture?

Red Dot Leisure offers exclusive UK franchise opportunities with optional event management and professional services available to support your business through any stage of its development.

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