Q:  What demographics can be expected in laser tag?

A:  Well, demographics in laser tag are extremely important as they are a defining factor when considering the focus of a laser tag business. What are you selling and to whom? Products and services can be tailored to specific demographics enhancing the experience for the end user as well as maximizing profits for the business.

Laser tag in the past decade has boomed into a plethora of different potential entertainment services. Indoor, outdoor, mobile, rental, traditional, and tactical are some of the main breakdowns but there are others such as haunt attractions that have been carved from the traditional trunk. All of these can be further tailored to demographics by the use of specific equipment and software.

Traditional laser tag (indoor black light arenas using phaser packs with focus on team v team) demographic in most cases runs to the age of 14, with female players accounting for 40% of the total demographic.

Tactical indoor laser tag can run well into adult age with a large portion of players ageing well into their forties but only a quarter or less of the players are female.

This older age group typically already played traditional at a younger age but yearn for a more realistic and mission based type of game enjoying a more complex approach. In short, with the proper software and equipment types, the operator can groom his younger players and maintain them as clients in adulthood.

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