A Revolutionary Junior

Laser Tag System

For the family!

Hero Blast Equipment

For Any Budget And Market

Hero Blast is a non-gun laser tag system designed for younger players to be used in any market!

Did you know? Hero Blast systems work seamlessly with our Invictus offering so you can choose either product in the same game!


Hero Blast Kit

hero blaster

Fits like a glove to player’s wrist allowing gamers to power-on and commence play quickly.

• Powerful speaker and vibration feedback

• Light up aiming sight

• Full colour touch-screen display and controls

• Safety wrist-strap

• Multi-function buttons

• Gesture-based controls and functions

• Advanced laser optics

vest and cape

Designed for younger players in need of the ultimate ‘Super Hero’ experience.

Fitted with multiple sensors primed to detect opposition of friendly fire.

A cape can be attached to complete the outfit. Constructed from hard wearing Cordura material, can be cleaned and recommissioned in minutes.

• Hard wearing Cordura

• Force sensors built in

• Four colours

• Cape included

the ir head bands

Fitted with four sensors and alarm to alert players to effective head shots for the ultimate adrenaline hit. Can be used independently or synced with irVest and blaster gauntlet for additional game options such as Zombie Hunt and Protect the President.

• Guarantee effective head shots

• Wireless Syncing

• All weather construction


Adds another dimension to laser tag gaming, synching directly with iCombat Engine for ultimate customisation and control. Players shoot to activate features, changing colour to represent the players team colours, awarding points and achievements.

• You can sync multiple Dominators to the ICE software.

• The software will recognize how many devices are synced.

• The ultimate laser tag prop has arrived.

re-spawn pods

Allows players to quickly return to the game, almost eliminating interruption to gameplay. Pods are easily identified by team colours, clearly illuminated by LED and allow multiple players to respawn together up to 10 feet apart.

• The device illuminates in the colour of the team.

• Wirelessly syncs to the CCM server and works with all iCOMBAT systems.

• Set by iCombat Control Engine (ICE)

ccm server

The Command Center Module (CCM) is used in conjunction with the ICE software to wirelessly connect and control every laser tag gun, headband, vest, and peripheral device.

• Connect up to 100 devices up to a mile away.

• Complete control over every item in the field.

• Only one is required per facility.

business in a box

Containing everything you need, the Business in a Box is revolutionary way to take your laser tag operation with you on the go. Featuring 8 Hero Blasters and 1 Dominator, the Business in a Box is taking the mobile operation to the next level!

• Self-contained charging system

• 8 Hero Blasters

• 1 Dominator

• GUN TO GUN MODE! Plug and play fully immersive system

The Software

Hero Blast Software

The iCOMBAT Engine (ICE) brings your laser tag games to life. Of course you could use simple Gun2Gun mode, which is jammed with features, but with ICE a single operator can control every aspect of the game. ICE also helps manage your facility marketing, membership, registration, armoury, finances, and more. ICE requires the CCM server to run games.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 Bit Only)

Intel Core i5 processor


1280×720 Resolution Monitor


Recommended Requirements

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 Bit Only)

Intel Core i7 processor

16-32 GB RAM, 5GB HDD

1920×1080 or Higher Resolution Monitor

We suggest using a computer dedicated to

running only games and game related activities (Lights/Sound).

Software Features


Variety of  engaging sound themes

join and leave games in progress

Player classes with specific actions

Integrates with all iCOMBAT equipment


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