Dominate The Arena With New irSAW


irSaw Available at Red Dot Leisure

It’s official. The New Year and new decade has finally descended and the team here at Red Dot Leisure are already packing some serious heat that we think you’re going to be pretty excited about. That’s right, another new weapon has landed in our barracks, and we think you’re going to want to tell your troops about this one.

Dominate the arena and take gameplay to a whole new tactical level with iCombats menacing new arrival – the irSAW.

Taking no prisoners, the irSAW is the ultimate weapon of choice for squad members who rarely miss those critical shots. Sit back and combine your accuracy with this lethal dominator to take control over the battlefield!

irSAW Features

This slick, fast-paced weapon also includes some pretty great features, take a look for yourself.

  • Squad assault weapon for the heavy hitters on your team
  • Two-point sling and carry handle for ease of transport
  • Bipod for stable and accurate squad supporting fire
  • ACOG or red dot ready FlyRail
  • Simulated magazine drum with linked ammo for ultimate realism
  • Hot barrel simulation

Get Your irSAW Today

If you’re keen to add another dimension to your arena, then contact the team here at Red Dot Leisure today to find out more about the new irSAW.       01623 287 894