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Advanced Laser Tag

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From family events to advanced tactical training for Police and Armed Forces…

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Advanced technologies and realism for the most effective training possible…

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Supplying the most advanced tactical laser tag system in the world!

We supply equipment, training, event management and franchise opportunities in the United Kingdom.

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Would you like to start your own laser tag business?

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Event management made easy with Red Dot Leisure.

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Over 10 years’ experience providing professional services.

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The world’s finest laser tag equipment.

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iCombat Realism

No Console Required

Forget everything you know about laser tag. iCombat uses the most realistic equipment on the planet, inside fully immersive arenas. Black lights, neon, plastic space guns, and rainbow colours are a thing of the past!



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Franchise Opportunities

We will strive to support and nurture your franchise to ensure success at every level, that’s why we pledge to reinvest 20% of revenue into driving national brand awareness through highly targeted online marketing!

“The level of realism when using iCombat systems is unsurpassed. Weapons with a patented recoil system and outstanding build quality and software stats make iCombat a very easy choice.”


iCombat’s weapon recoil for unsurpassed realism  

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Invictus Laser Tag from iCombat

Upgrade Your Arena With Invictus

What is Invictus? Combining a traditional laser tag system with revolutionary technology, the Invictus brings more functionality and greater gaming options to the arena than it’s traditional laser tag […]

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